Let's Torque 2018 Grand Final
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Let's Torque 2018 Grand Final

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The Let's Torque Grand Final returns to the Royal Society of Victoria for another night of top quality presentations by the next generation of STEM communicators. Come along to learn about some of the most exciting STEM solutions and mingle with members of the STEM communication community! 

Tickets are available for $15 (or $12 for groups of 5+)

 Head over to the Let's Torque Facebook page to keep up with the latest. 

The grand finalists are:

  • Natalia Zivcic - Brain-Computer interfacing: Magic or Science?
  • Eric Tian - Stem cells to Revolutionise Meat
  • Sabna Zihara - MOFTA – Metal Organic Framework as Theranostic Agents
  • George Loram - Mental Illness & Sleep
  • Tara Jadwani-Bungar - Phages – Making (Antibiotic) Resistance Futile
  • Emma Crooks - MDMA: A solution for Extreme Trauma
  • Jun-Ting Yeung - Lessons from the Frog Prince
  • Jacqui Wakefield - The Hero of the Reef: Unmasking the vigilante

The event will be kicked off with some drinks and delicious canapés, followed by a keynote speech from Dr Chris Thompson, Science Communicator and Associate Dean of Education (Faculty of Science) at Monash University. 

The judges are:

Dr Amanda Caples - Lead Scientist of Victoria
Sarah Moran - co-founder and CEO of Girl Geek Academy
Sophia Varelas - Partner at PwC Australia

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STEMployability with Nous

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Our fantastic partner Nous will be hosting the final Let's Torque workshop of 2018; STEMployability: Beyond your degree.

If you're not sure where your STEM degree could be taking you, how to sell the skills you have developed through your degree, or how to get through the dreaded interview phase, then this is the workshop for you!

Senior Nous Consultant, Mark Schultz, will be running this workshop - so get all the insights from a potential future industry. He's also an expert at job interviews, with lots of experience coaching others through this tricky step.

Whether you want to pursue a traditional STEM career through an engineering consultancy or a lab position, or want to apply your skills to a new field like management consultancy or business, there will be plenty for you to learn!

Our last workshop with PwC sold out, so make sure you get in quick to secure your spot! Get your ticket for $5 at TryBooking.

Nous will also be providing nibbles!

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The Future of Space Travel: Panel Discussion
7:00 PM19:00

The Future of Space Travel: Panel Discussion


For Science Week 2018, Let’s Torque and Sisters in Science are joining forces to deliver an exciting panel discussion on a topic that humans have puzzled over for centuries: space exploration. We’ll be asking what humans are doing in space currently, why we’re there, and what we might find. We’ll ponder the implications of humanity entering space and visiting other planets, and weigh up the pros and cons in an interactive dialogue. We’ll also discuss the importance of collaboration in space exploration, why diversity makes us more effective and how we can communicate across the globe to include everyone in the future of space travel. 


Stay tuned via Facebook to hear about our amazing panellists! 

Sisters in Science is a student-run organisation which aims to connect high school aged girls with women who work in STEMM fields.

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Semi-final #2

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Ever wondered where Science is headed? Come along to the Let's Torque semi-finals to find out! This event will see 10 undergraduate STEM students test their communication skills and battle it out for a place in the Let's Torque grand final. 

Semi-final two will feature:

• Eric Tian - Stem Cells and Vertical Farming to Revolutionise Meat
• Malika Yunus - Telemedicine: Healthcare from Anywhere to Anywhere else
• Jun-Ting Yeung - Lessons from The Frog Prince - Why we should kiss frogs.
• Keenan Hellyer - Taking the (Virtual) Leap - Virtual Reality in the Treatment of the Fear of Heights
• Emma Crooks - MDMA: A Solution for Extreme Trauma
• Madeleine Kemp - Life is "in the bag"?
• Sargam Bhardwaj - Optogenetics - The aid from algae and bacteria to cure blindness.
• Sabna Zihara - MOFTA-Metal Organic Framework as Theranostic Agents
• George Loram - Wake up and smell the depression!
• Tara Sofia Jadwani-Bungar - Phages - Making (Antibiotic) Resistance Futile
• Emma Hinde - Can Seaweed save the world?
• Tara Graves - Why Do We Laugh?
• Ivy Cui - Rethinking depression

This is a free event with light snacks provided, RSVP here!

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Semi-final #1

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Ever wondered where Science is headed? Come along to the Let's Torque semi-finals to find out! This event will see 10 undergraduate STEM students test their communication skills and battle it out for a place in the Let's Torque grand final. 

Semi-final one will feature:

• Jessica Wolff - A New Green Energy?
• Jessica Scara - ADHD drug could be the secret to fighting ice addiction
• CC Chen - Subduing Suicidal Superbugs
• Natalia Zivcic - Brain-Computer Interfacing: Magic or Science?
• April Blazevski - Anti-ageing genes
• Trieu Hong Nhung Nguyen - Fermented food and population health
• Emily Painter - A Wizard Hat for the Brain
• Jacqui Wakefield - Fish Poo - The answer to tackling alien species
• Numa Wadhwania - The science behind the solution The potential impact of the STEM research
• Sarah Carino - The power of music on the mind
• Jessica Suares - Fighting cancer with Shrimp

This is a free event with light snacks provided, RSVP here!

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6:30 PM18:30

Workshop 3: The Art of Delivery

Art of Delivery TRYBOOKING.jpg

Speak with confidence and overcome the intimidating barrier of speakers’ block. Come along for small-group mentoring with experienced communicators who will empower you to use your voice, your body and the stage to engage your audience. Hosted by PwC Melbourne and led by a legendary rock-whisperer, dinosaur-hunter and science-communicator: Prof. Patricia Vickers-Rich. This workshop will also feature small group mentoring and catering provided by PwC. 

Grab your tickets now: https://www.trybooking.com/WLUW 

Patricia Vickers-Rich is Director of the Monash Science Centre, Monash University and a world renowned palaeontologist and geologist. She researches the origin and evolution of Australasian vertebrates and their environments over the past 400 million years, and has co-authored at least 10 books, three of which have won major science publishing awards. Patricia Vickers-Rich has  been awarded several prizes for excellence in science communication.

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6:30 PM18:30

Workshop 2: Speechcraft and Design

  • Room 213, Building K, Monash University Caulfield (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Transform a presentation from a tedious straight road into a winding journey. We will guide you on maintaining flow and energy. Find out how to design intriguing PowerPoint slides that will leave others to shame.

Carlos is a science student with an eye for design. He's spent the past decade solving problems as a visual communicator for clients ranging from MONA to Monash University. He's currently working on an honours project to build sensors that track animals using their eyes. 

Fergus McLaren is an actor, presenter, scientist and teacher. He is a third year student in BSc. Advanced Global Challenges at Monash University and the 2017 Grand Champion of Let's Torque. You can check out his talk on plastic eating bacteria here

Workshop Notes now available! 

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Workshop 1: How to Sell Science

  • Room 225, Alice Hoy Building, The University of Melbourne (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS
How to Sell Science.png

Got a science solution you want to share? Learn how to turn science into a story with professional comedian and presenter Alanta Colley and science communicator Dr George Aranda. We’ll equip you with the communication tools to sell science to any audience.

Alanta is a comedian (for tax purposes) and storyteller based in Melbourne. She dabbles in science communication, has bees, and regrets. She will be joining us fresh off the stage of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, where she is performing her show 'Days of our Hives'. 

Dr George Aranda is a former cognitive neuroscientist who has moved from the world of brains to science education research and science communication. Now researching and teaching at Deakin University, he has broad interests in writing, social networking modes of communication, podcasting, science communication videos and understanding how scientists and their work are perceived in the world.

Workshop Notes now available! 

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6:00 PM18:00

Grand Final

The Grand Final will feature the top 8 entrants from across Melbourne, and will be a fantastic event to showcase their skills to friends, family, and the general public.

The Grand Final will be held at The Royal Society of Victoria, with networking and nibbles.

We have a selection of judges from a range of backgrounds. There is also a very exciting keynote which will be announced in coming weeks!

Secure your early bird ticket here for $5 until 26 September, or $15 thereafter.

Our Grand Finalists

1. Zyg Chapman - Let's save the bees
2. Michael Millward - Squeezing out a solution to autism
3. Hafsa Omer - Healthy adults and how to get there
4. Tarik Zepcan - Improving the welfare of our sheep, for OUR future!
5. Liam Mudge - Human Energy Harvesting
6. Rannee Li - Magnets and mental health
7. Caleb Hosking - Solar Power: A brighter future
8. Fergus McLaren - Plastic: a Problem of Consumerism and a Solution of Consumption.

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Semi-Final 3

Come along to our last semi-final of 2017, judged by Dr Susie Ho!

Check out 10 fantastic presentations. 

1.      Daniel Ricardo – Project Greenthumb: Cultivating urban sustainability

2.      Nicole Milanko – Driving Home the Importance of CAR T-Cells in Innovative Cancer Therapy

3.      Hafsa Omer – Healthy adults and how to get there

4.      Aleks Djukic - Inflammation and the Brain -- Hope for the Neurodivergent

5.      Liam Mudge – Human Energy Harvesting

6.      Taryan Kotsiakos – Selenoprotein S and the Regulation of the Diaphragm

7.      Rannee Li – Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (as a treatment for depression)

8.      Caleb Hosking – Solar Cells and you: Why we should be watching solar energy advancements

9.   William Nguyen – Global Warming: How to dramatically reduce emissions without making drastic changes to our lifestyles

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6:00 PM18:00

Semi-Final 2

Our second semi-final will be based in Melbourne City (exact location TBC) and judged by Terry Mulhern.

Come along, have some snacks and enjoy 9 fantastic presentations.


1.      Adrian Barbuio – An Australian Space Industry; Starting Small

2.      Jay Rosenzweig – How can drones keep asylum seekers safe?

3.      Fergus McLaren – Plastic: a Problem of Consumerism and a Solution of Consumption

4.      Sybil Yeung – Blood-Based Biomarkers: A Game Changer for Alzheimer’s Disease

5.      Tarik Zepcan – A new body condition assessment to help fight animal cruelty in livestock

6.      Zyg Chapman – Two bee or three?

7.      Juan Carlo Ala – Exoskeletons: The Future of Construction

8.      Hugo Umbers – Diagnosing Cancer with Artificial Neural Networks

9.      Cassandra Vong – You card lose your face

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Workshop 3: The Art of Public Speaking

Come along to workshop 3 with Scientell, a science communication and marketing business!

Learn about the essentials of creating a convincing and engaging presentation, with the emphasis on physical and vocal skills to improve your speech. There will be heaps of opportunities to get up and practice!

We will be covering:

  • Body language and stage presence
  • Vocal techniques
  • Effective audiovisual aids
  • Dealing with nerves

There are very limited spots available for this workshop, so get in quick if you are keen to come along. Register on Trybooking at https://www.trybooking.com/RKMC

Venue: RMIT City Campus

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Workshop 2: Crafting your Presentation

Our second workshop will be facilitated by Lynette Plenderleith, a wonderful science communicator, and hosted by the Let’s Torque team. We will focus on putting together an engaging, entertaining and impactful STEM talk.

In the workshop:

  • Learn how to reach your target audience by using the right language, and appealing to both the right and left brain
  • Use structure and “beats” in your speech to have punchy points throughout
  • Master the art of storytelling with a STEM edge!

Come away from the workshop able to apply all you have learnt to build your own Let's Torque STEM presentation for the semi-finals!

Even if you're not sure about entering, come along and find out what Let's Torque is all about!

There are limited spaces available (and our last workshop sold out over a week in advance!), so get in quick to secure your spot.

Go to the TryBooking link below to register your place.

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6:00 PM18:00

Workshop 1: Structured Thinking with Nous

We are proud to announce our first workshop is co-hosted with our partner; Nous!

Nous Group (Nous) is a leading Australian-owned management consulting firm with over 250 staff across Australia and the UK.

In the workshop:

  • Learn how to break down a problem and logically work to find a solution
  • Get background into external factors like policy, social and economic implications
  • Understand the potential of a career in Management Consulting, having come from a science background.

Come away from the workshop able to apply all you have learnt to your own Let's Torque STEM solution.

Even if you're not sure about entering, come along and find out what Let's Torque is all about!

Update: This event is now SOLD OUT, so click the link below to go on the waitlist and we will notify you if a spot opens up. Or attend one of our other workshops coming up on 2 August and 23 August.


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