Competition Regulations


  1. Participants must be enrolled in an undergraduate-level degree at a Victorian-based university for the duration of the competition. An undergraduate-level degree is determined by the institution.

  2. Exchange students based at a Victorian university are eligible to compete provided they are on exchange for the duration of the competition (until September 2019).

  3. To register for the competition, students must submit Talking Points through the online form. Registration is $5 if completed by 11.59pm on 10 May 2019. Registrations between 11 May 2019 and 11.59pm on 7 June 2019 will cost $10.00.

  4. A $10 deposit is required with all registrations, this deposit will be refunded for early bird competitors once a they have attended their semi-final, or, once they have received confirmation that they were unsuccessful in progressing to the semi-final stage of the competition. 

  5. Let’s Torque will endeavour to offer semi-final spots to as many applicants as possible, but may not be able to accept all registrations due to capacity limitations. The Let’s Torque team will select semi-finalists according to the fulfilment of published guidelines for the Talking Points.

  6. Semi-finalists will be notified by 21 June 2018.

  7. Selected students are expected to deliver their 4-minute presentation at a semi-final event at their university. If their university is not hosting a semi-final, they will be invited to present at an alternative semi-final.

  8. The top presenter from each semi-final will progress to the final round. The remaining spots in the final (to reach a total of 8 presenters) will be selected based on judges’ discretion.

  9. Within 1 week after the completion of the last semi-final event, the 8 finalists will be announced.

  10. The judges’ decision is final, and no correspondence will be entered into for any stage of the competition progression.

  11. Non-cash prizes cannot be exchanged for cash.

  12. Let’s Torque reserves the right to disqualify any student that displays inappropriate behaviour at any point in the competition.

  13. By participating in the competition, entrants give Let’s Torque the right to publicly share the name, video content and photographic materials of the individual, and written content produced by the individual, for promotional purposes.

  14. Let's Torque reserves the right to change regulations when required.