PREP Workshops

Each year Let's Torque runs a series of workshops on STEM communication, Design, and general public speaking. All workshops are interactive, and are run by real science communicators. They are the perfect way to get yourself ready for the competition, or even just pick up some new skills!


Workshop 1: How to sell science

  • Learn how to harness the value of story-telling as a communication tool
  • Find out more about left and right brain appeals, and how you can use them to your advantage. 
  • Learn how to present findings and create a speech about science that can be clearly understood by a general audience
  • Find out more about the competition structure and ask any questions you may have

Workshop 2: Speechcraft and Design

  • Learn how to craft your presentation to achieve maximum impact for your target audience
  • Learn how to maintain your energy and flow, and keep your presentation engaging
  • Find out how to design high quality presentation slides that will put others to shame

Workshop 3: The Art of Delivery

  • Fine tune your public speaking skills
  • Get heaps of practice and try out different techniques
  • Get feedback on your speaking from experts and your peers
  • Learn about tone, using space, body language, and more!