5 ways to come up with an idea for your Talking Points

With the deadline for talking points coming up, we’ve been hearing a few people have been struggling to come up with topic ideas. So, we’ve put together five ways to find something to talk about!

1.      Something from a lecture
Has your lecturer been talking about some super cool research or science that you could talk about? Maybe this is a chance to look into it a little further?

2.      News sites
Websites like Cosmos or The Conversation have loads of interesting articles that could spark a speech topic. Try searching by your STEM field to see what you find!

3.      Things that you care about
Do you love the environment? Maybe there’s an amazing new piece of technology that extracts pollution from the atmosphere. Or is public health a passion? What about an exciting new, low-cost medical treatment to improve the lives of many?

4.      Research to address an issue in your area
Think of an issue affecting your area. Is traffic out of control? Water pollution reaching an all-time high? Mental health issues becoming a bigger problem? Look online for research trying to address this issue, who knows what exciting solutions you might find!

5.      Topic of a university project
Have you spent the last 12 weeks focused on one nitty gritty topic? Well you’ve already got half the content sorted – talking points will be easy! You’ll also nail any questions.

Remember, your talking points don’t need to be about something you’ve come up with on your own. All you have to do is find some exciting STEM research, and communicate it!